Melbourne Temporary Fencing ensures members of the public are not exposed to hazards of a construction site (commercial or residential). We achieve this by installing a safe and strong fence around the perimeter of the construction area until work activity around the site no longer presents a risk to unauthorised entrants.

Safety Features of Melbourne Temporary Fencing Panels;

– 2.16 m High
– Constructed from heavy duty galvanized 42.5 OD steel pipes (2.5 mm thickness)
– Heavily galvanized 3.15mm thick Chainlink Mesh
– Heavily galvanized 4mm thick Welded Wire Mesh
– Anti climb makes difficult access.
– Difficult to gain access underneath
– Stable, Strong and Sturdy
– Secure gates and joints
– Plastic capped concrete feet (35kg)

All our fences comply with Australian Standards AS 1725 – 2003 and AS 4687 – 2007

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